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Calling Features for your phone

Vonage features are available on all of our plans to help you fulfill your communications goals. From making sure you never miss a call to avoiding disruptions from anonymous callers, They are all easy to set up and control online Most of the features are included in your plan, so there is nothing else to pay. Vonage has a feature to make your service a little bit better.

Vonage Extensions®

Let's you add up to two smartphones in your Vonage account and make calls at the same rate as your Vonage plan.


Ring back your last caller at the normal Vonage rate. You won't be charged for the 1471 service.

Call waiting

You can switch between calls.

Caller display

View your caller's ID as normal.

Caller block for anonymous callers

You can block calls where dialler has blocked their caller ID.

International calls barring

You can bar any international calls to be made.

Withhold caller ID

Keep your number private when you ring out.

3-Way Calling

Have 3-way conference calls as you would expect.

Call Divert

Divert your Vonage line to any other line in the UK.


Simultaneously ring all your lines.

Voicemail Plus

Get your messages over the phone, online or by email.

Vonage Visual Voicemail

Read your voicemails, forward them, file them.

Call Hunt

Call Hunt Keeps the Conversation Moving Forward.

Call Transfer

Transfer incoming calls to any other number.

Dedicated Fax Line

Add a fax line to your account and save.

Do not disturb

This feature sends all incoming calls direct to voicemail.

Ring lists

Choose between sequential, random or simultaneous. Incoming calls get answered the way you choose.

Vonage Softphone®

Turn any computer or laptop into a phone.

Add a line

Add as many lines as you wish.

Virtual number

Set a local presence anywhere in the world.

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