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Latest feedback from our customers

Average rating 5 out of 5

Tim, Bristol UK

A friend recommended Vonage to me for my business. I have seen numerous benefits since moving to Vonage, the main ones being hugely improved communications and reduced cost. When he needs to make a long call he can do this in comfort, from home or the office. He saves a lot of money when calling abroad compared to his previous service provider and it's cheaper for him to speak to my business partner when one of us is overseas.

I am extremely impressed with the sound quality of the calls, which is better than my home landline or my mobile. Customer service from BT was poor, they were slow to set up his phone and expensive. Conversely, I found the set up with Vonage to be quick and easy and it's also saving him money so he's very happy.

I have a local number through Vonage, and my business partner has opted for a London number after I recommended that he move to Vonage. He also likes the fact that he can pick up a call to his Vonage business number from home, the office or his mobile - perfect for someone like me who works from different locations. The service is very reliable and I haven't needed to call customer service.

I would absolutely recommend Vonage to other small business owners - in fact I already have. Vonage is outstanding.

5 stars out of 5

Wendy, Cambridge UK

I previously used Talk Talk phone services for my second line for my home business, but had to pay for line installation by BT, which was expensive. I experienced constant billing problems. Talk Talk was expensive and provided bad service - a terrible combination. I was attracted to Vonage by a combination of amazing prices; the money-back guarantee; and the fact that there's no contract to tie you in.

I'm really pleased with the money I'm saving compared to Talk Talk. The cost to my business has been dramatically reduced. I was able to select a Cambridge number, even though I'm in a village outside of Cambridge with a different dialling code. There's no hassle whatsoever using Vonage, the billing is always correct and easy to understand. When I'm out and about I'm able to take business calls on my mobile using simulring, which is an extremely useful service. The call sound quality is excellent. Although I'm not the most technologically-minded person, I found Vonage extremely easy to set up using the online guides.

I have 2 Vonage lines now and found setting both of them up to be a simple process. I would definitely recommend Vonage to other small businesses and have already done so.

5 stars out of 5

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