Why small business should use the cloud

Grow your business

You’ve probably heard before that your small business should be in the cloud, but what does it mean? Cloud computing and communications take traditional systems and host them online, transforming your business into a lean operation that only pays for the services it needs.
Here are five key concerns for any small business, which also happen to be five compelling arguments to make the switch to the cloud:

  1. 1. Money

  2. Here’s a perfect opportunity to turn what can be a costly capital expense into a predictable, cost-efficient operational one. With the cloud, you don’t have to buy or upgrade hardware or licenses. There’s no upfront cost for setting up a cloud-based system and you can run on a pay-as-you-go basis, using as many or as few resources as you need.
  1. 2. Time

  2. Cloud-based systems, such as business VoIP packages from Vonage, are easy to manage and you don’t have to switch to a new system and retrain staff if your business needs change. By shifting the emphasis away from hardware, your systems can be upgraded and maintained remotely, so you can spend less time on IT issues and more time running your business.
  1. 3. Security

  2. The provider who is responsible for your data will not only take those costly and time-consuming IT problems off your hands, they’ll keep your data more secure than your small business ever could. Losing access to your company’s files, your computer, or even your office could potentially be a disaster. With the cloud, all your data is safe and fully accessible, no matter what happens.
  1. 4. Flexibility

  2. If your business grows, your cloud resources will immediately grow with you. If you cut back, it’s easy and simple to decrease your requirements. Plus, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing move – you can pick and choose your services and see what works for your business. From small business VoIP to project management services, from CRM softward to cloud broadband, the technology is all there.
  1. 5. Efficiency

  2. The cloud could fundamentally change the way your business operates. There’s never been a better way to encourage collaboration, information sharing and flexible working than hosting all your files and software in one place. A cloud-based communications system such as Vonage Multiline can deliver all the same features as a traditonal landline PBX for less cost and with all the advantages of the cloud.

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