Four advantages of a home business phone line

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Looking to install a home business phone line for your new home-based business? You’re not alone.

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Home-based businesses are quickly becoming the fastest growing form of start-up in the UK. Allowing for more flexibility, the convenience of ditching the daily commute and, crucially for start-ups, the ability to cut down on costs, home businesses are thriving.

Whilst running a business from home certainly has many advantages, it also presents unique challenges such as how to best manage your business communications. This is one key area where Vonage can help.

By setting up a dedicated home business phone line you’re able to transform your home business into a professional operation that customers expect. A second phone line doesn’t have to be costly either, and, as our video guide shows, it offers up so many advantages to new businesses that are just starting out. Here are four of our favourites:

1. Creating the right impression

Having a dedicated business landline number to stamp on those business cards and list online shows from the off that you’re a business that’s firmly established, an instant boost to customer trust in your company. And with Vonage, you can even choose your own area code, regardless of your location.

2. Keeps your home and business worlds separate

When you want to create a professional impression, it’s vital that you keep your home life and business life separate. Whilst most callers would be sympathetic to having one of your business calls answered by one of the kids, it’s not an ideal first impression! Having a line available solely for business calls helps you avoid these pitfalls and maintain absolute professionalism.

3. Superior call quality

While many home businesses use smartphones and mobiles as their business numbers at home, they can be dogged by poor reception and call quality – an instant turn-off for customers. With a landline, you won’t ever have trouble hearing what your customers have to say, and they’ll appreciate having a number they know they can always reach you on.

4. More affordable than you’d think

Setting up a second line for your home business doesn’t mean having to go through your existing landline provider, with all of the landline rental costs, call rates and installation fees that that entails. Vonage’s Premium Annual plan can get you up and running with a second line from just £8 per month, with no installation fees or line rental to worry about.

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