The advantages of a virtual number

Grow your business


Virtual phone numbers mean your business can have phone numbers with any local area code or international code, so you can branch out into new areas or just improve your image. One of the best ways to grow your business is to attract more customers from outside your local area. But why pay for extra premises and staff in a new town, when a virtual number means customers in other areas can call you for the price of a local call?
With Vonage, for example, you can set up as many virtual numbers as you like, either for different parts of the UK or different countries, while also choosing any local area code for your main number.

There are many reasons why virtual numbers can help your business:

Go local to win business

Your small business may struggle to attract customers from outside your local area, because a customer thinks you’re too far away to deliver great customer service. But what if you had a second phone line with an area code local to your customers? There’s a good chance that a customer who would have called a competitor is now going to dial your number.

Reach overseas markets

If you want to sell to a market in another country, but you’re not yet ready to set up an operation there, a virtual number means you can run your overseas operation from home. After all, the UK is home to people from all over the world, so if your staff have the language skills, you can take the plunge and get an international virtual number without risking the huge investment of new premises abroad.

Think of your image

In business, image is everything, so it’s important that you can appear capable of competing with far bigger players. If you’re located outside a big city, for example, it can inspire confidence with your customers, partners and suppliers if you’ve got a big city area code.