Start-up Success: Interview with Chefs & Events

Startup Success

Chefs & Events

We’ve interviewed Vonage customers in some of the UK’s Top 50 most populated cities to explore how location has influenced their startup success. From this we’ve produced a series of four blog posts that aim to help educate new or future SME owners on how location can factor into their business.

Stephen Owen is managing director of Chefs & Events, an established catering service in Portsmouth. He’s able to give great insight into the long term requirements of a business in terms of location and the importance of space to a growing company.

Stephen explains how surviving the start up phase and establishing yourself is only one part of running a successful business. You’ll then be faced with a whole new series of problems, chief amongst them the need for space into which the business can grow.

Tell us about your business in a sentence
A bespoke catering service, we offer either simply staff or a full catering service of the highest quality.

In which city is your business located?

How has your location helped with your business success?
The business is well known in the area, having been established for almost 40 years in the city.

Did your location affect your ability to find talent and recruit employees?
We have a constant source of quality staff via the hospitality programme within the university and two local highly regarded colleges, Southdowns and Highbury.

What challenges have you faced in your location?
Space, but we have now solved this by having a training/function venue in the north of the city where there is more available space. But we have kept the downtown city office.

What factors should a potential new business owner consider when looking at a location?
Footfall and reputation of area, as well as space requirements.

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