Start-up Success: Interview with CycleMiles

Startup Success

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We’ve interviewed Vonage customers in some of the UK’s Top 50 most populated cities to explore how location has influenced their start-up success. From this we’ve produced a series of four blog posts that aim to help educate new or future SME owners on how location can factor into their business.

Miles Hutchings from CycleMiles runs a specialist cycle retailers in Havant, near Portsmouth. Being based mostly online, Miles has some unique insight into how big a part location can play in web business and how things might be different if you needed a physical retail space.

Miles explains that for web based businesses, location plays a different role to those companies who require a physical shop space. Online companies will need to consider cost of premises and the proximity of communications and delivery networks.

Tell us about your business in a sentence

Specialist retailer of art and gifts for cyclists, and adventure cycling store.

In which city is your business located?

Havant (Chichester & Portsmouth area)

Did your location affect your ability to find talent and recruit employees?

No. There are plenty of people with the combination of skills we require, and ability to learn new skills that we require, in our location.

What challenges have you faced in your location?

Finding affordable commercial accommodation from which to operate our business.

Has your location provided more exposure to your ideal customer/clients?

No. However, if we had ‘high street’ presence we would wish to be in a more urban environment.

What factors should a potential new business owner consider when looking at a location?

In no particular order:

1. Is local footfall important to your business?

2. Is a particular local demographic important to your business?

3. Are the types of neighbouring businesses important to your success/failure?

4. What would be your ideal neighbouring businesses?

5. Are deliveries and collections important to your business?

6.Is ease of parking important to your business?

7. Are affordable rents / business rates important to your business?

8. Are there any local borough / county / national grants available in your location to support start-up growth?

9. Is a reliable and fast internet service important to your business?

9b. What are the minimum download/upload speeds you require to operate now and possibly in two years time

10. Are public transport links important to your business? So customers and staff and get to you with ease.