What is Data Roaming? Read About How to Avoid Roaming Charges Abroad.

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We all know that the cost of calling home from abroad can be prohibitively expensive. Depending on which country you’re calling from, the mobile roaming charges can be many multiples of your standard calling package – enough to put you off from calling completely or, at the very least, making for a rather quick call and definitely a lot of clock watching.

So what is Data Roaming?

Roaming charges are the additional fees applied by telecommunications operators for calls between the UK and abroad. Depending on your mobile or land-line operator the fees can vary massively, which makes for a lot of uncertainty when it comes to speaking to friends and family abroad.

The good news is that something is being done to tackle these charges – This is where Vonage can help.

Use your Vonage box abroad to avoid roaming charges.

One of the great things about signing-up to a call plan with Vonage is that you can make use of it when abroad. With Vonage Abroad you can benefit from receiving calls on a UK number and making calls on a UK call plan.

Can’t see the benefit of taking your box with you when you go abroad? Then how about sending it to friends and family living oversees so you can speak to them whenever, wherever all for the guaranteed price of your agreed UK call plan. This means no more costly roaming charges and no more unexpectedly high bills.

Calls to a Vonage box abroad from a UK land-line or mobile are charged at the standard land-line calling rates, so you can send a Vonage box to any country in the world and call it safe in the knowledge that it will be charged at your standard calling rate.

Installation is just as simple as set up in the UK too and follows the same process of connecting your Vonage box to your existing broadband, plugging your phone in to the Vonage box and using your house phone or mobile to start make calls using a Vonage call plan.

Say goodbye to costly roaming charges and hello to cheap international calling.

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