Small Business Case Study:  Hunt Revenue

Case Study

Hunt Revenue are business development specialists focused on all aspects of the ecommerce sector, from retailers to technology and service providers.  Having established themselves some twelve years ago, they provide an integrated range of support services based on delivering practical, cost effective solutions to their clients’ commercial growth challenges.Hunt Revenue

Problem – Slow, unreliable and expensive international calling

Ian Hunter, the company’s Managing Director, became an expat many years ago and recalls having to wait by the phone for hours to have an international call put through.

As the business expanded internationally, so did their communication requirements.  With clients drawn from around the world including the UK, France, India, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden, and partners throughout Europe, the US, Australia, South Africa and Latin America, conducting business over the phone was very expensive.

With teams based in London, Spain and Brussels, team members had difficulty communicating with each other simply and efficiently between the various markets and site locations.

Solution – A secondary private network from Vonage

Ian decided to adopt Vonage as a secondary private network between senior team members to enable them to keep in touch with each other in an effective and cost effective manner.  An office VoIP service was also implemented for direct and client marketing.

This, combined with video and conferencing services, enabled him to run his business successfully from a base in Costa del Sol, Spain.

Results – Instant, professional and convenient international calling

Nowadays, Ian and his team are able to just pick up the phone anywhere in the world and be instantly connected, with no issues of line clarity or lost connection.

On the service received from Vonage he had this to say, “The thing with Vonage is it’s a rock solid service. The quality of the line is always good. As a supplier we’re very, very happy with the service we get from them.”