Is Your Mobile Signal Strength Poor in Your Home?

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Do you suffer from having poor mobile signal at home? Constantly moving from room to room to try and identify the best place from which to call? This might be nothing more than a mild irritation if it’s a friend or family member that you’re speaking to, but what about if it’s a business call? Not very professional is it? Here’s where Vonage can help.

Using Vonage Extensions you can make business calls uninterrupted via Wi-Fi from your smartphone or home phone, with call plans starting from just £5 per month. This means no more worrying about poor mobile signal strength, leaving you to concentrate on the business itself, rather than the quality of the calling connection.

Vonage Extensions

Thanks to this handy app, that you can download for free straight to your smartphone via iTunes or Google Play, you can share your Vonage call plan with up to two smartphones, allowing you to make calls on your smartphone at no extra charge.

Unlimited international calling to some 68 countries is available from just £8.50 per month or you can benefit from 3000 inclusive minutes to India, the US, Canada and the UK from £14.99. If you’ve got clients in any of these territories that you need to keep in regular contact with then it’s both a reliable and cost effective option.

Vonage is able to guarantee that calling from your smartphone will be a clear and high quality call experience because of the technology used in making the call. By utilising your broadband connection rather than a landline or mobile operator the connection is much more stable and therefore poor mobile signal strength is less of a concern.

Forget about a mobile phone signal booster for home use and start utilising your Wi-Fi instead. It’s cheaper, more reliable and now, thanks to Vonage Extensions, can be made use of direct from your smartphone.

work smarter