Why ‘pay as you go’ makes sense for small business

Work smarter


When you’re starting a small business, you naturally want to get established quickly, but you don’t want to pay more than you have to for essential business services like IT, broadband and phone services. Our tips will help you to stay agile, flexible and in control of your business costs.
Getting locked in to long-term, inflexible contracts can be frustrating. One of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions is ‘pay as you go’, which puts you firmly in control.

You can pay for all sorts of key business services such as broadband, business phone, IT services and even office space using a pay as you go model or a one-month rolling contract, rather than committing for a year or more in advance.

Stay agile with no long contract

By not tying yourself in to a long-term contract, you can stay agile and flexible, giving yourself the option to easily expand your services as and when you need them, instead of paying upfront for services you may not need. If your business changes and you need to streamline, you can easily downgrade too.

Choose services that grow with your business

As your business grows and your needs change, so can your services. At first you may only need a space in your home to run your business, or a desk in a shared workspace. You may not need an office at all and you can work anywhere with your laptop and a mobile phone.

As time goes on and your business grows, you may want to create a more professional home office or move into office space of your own. As your business expands you’ll probably take on staff, which means more users for your IT, broadband, phone and other services.

Beware of upfront set up costs

A good way for your business to stay agile is to make sure you avoid expensive upfront set up costs that can be hidden in your service contracts, such as engineer visits to install equipment, or the price of the equipment itself. Why buy expensive equipment upfront when you can just pay for what you need?


For a small business, it’s important that you and your team can access all your key business services wherever you are. When you’re choosing your office services, consider if mobility is built in.

Connect your business to the cloud

Cloud-based systems, such as business VoIP phone services, are easy to manage and you don’t have to switch to a new system or retrain staff if your business needs change. Because you’re not paying upfront for hardware and everything is hosted in the cloud, your systems can be upgraded and maintained remotely, so you spend less time on IT issues and more time running your business.