Cut cost of staff personal calls with VoIP

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Research sponsored by Vonage has revealed that small businesses are increasingly carrying the cost of calls to 08 numbers from their employees, who’d rather use a work phone than pay high charges on their mobiles.
While many 08 numbers promise “local rate” charges, these usually only apply to calls from landlines, while calls from mobiles are very expensive. Mobile operator Three includes 0800 numbers in its call plans, but most providers charge up to 10p per minute, so it’s not surpising that your employees are keen to avoid these high costs.

According to our survey of 2,000 UK workers, 28% of people admit to not calling certain numbers because they cost too much, while almost 20% said they use their work phone to make personal phone calls, which is adding to your business phone bill.

With eight out of ten new businesses in the UK failing, often for financial reasons, how can small businesses avoid the cost of personal calls? You could ban them – which may prove unpopular – or you could choose the smart option: VoIP.