Prime Realty – Small Business Case Study

Case Study

Prime Realty, an independent luxury estate agent, prides itself on delivering the very best available properties to its clients prior to their release to the general public. With a business built on the highest level of service, information and transparency to all its customers, it needed a communications system to match.

Prime Realty

Problem – costly line rental and lengthy installation times

Prime Realty found two major issues with using a fixed line phone provider – cost and timescales. The company would need to wait up to three months for a suitable system to be installed, and then pay a separate line rental fee for every line in use.  Coupled with associated configuration and maintenance costs, this was not a workable solution for a business like Prime Realty, so an alternative was sought.


Solution – Vonage Multiline for Business

The company selected Vonage’s Multiline Business package – a simple, cost effective solution that met all of Prime Realty’s requirements and eradicates the need to install a physical PBX on site.  The Vonage solution means that Prime Realty can benefit from a simplified cost structure, and a scalable communications system that grows with the business.

“Vonage was much more cost effective, and they were the most straightforward company to deal with,” said Salar Majnouni, Managing Director of Prime Realty. “Their intelligence is in the cloud, so when anything needs to be updated or fixed, there’s no need for engineers to be called out to the office. If we change our location, for instance, all we do is plug our box into our broadband in the new location and within five minutes, we are ready to go.”

Results – Monthly savings and flexible communications

Prime Realty now enjoys the flexibility of being able to transfer calls easily between employees and independently add extensions as required – while avoiding the capital outlay of new line rentals. With Vonage, the business can also have voicemails and faxes emailed to them so that they are able to stay on top of communications wherever they are.

“We’re saving, on average, £50 or £60 a month just on line rental, and also their package is very competitive. We pay a fixed price each month per channel and we can have up to twenty extensions running off the same line without the need for any extra lines or engineers coming or going,” added Majnouni. “It’s a very useful tool for businesses and i would recommend it to other friends and colleagues who are looking for an alternative.”