Remote working: The future of business?

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With the acceleration in new technology over recent years, offering employees the option of working away from the office is looking increasingly likely for businesses.
More importantly, for businesses that want to operate on a global scale, coordinating with employees working in different time zones and different locations is quickly becoming the norm and is easier than ever with email and social media.

As most daily tasks can be completed with just an internet connection and laptop, here are 5 reasons why remote working is the future of global business:

1. Getting things done around the clock

Hiring remote workers means that you aren’t bound by the 9 to 5. If you need a project completed urgently, but don’t have the in-house staff to work through the night on it, hiring remote workers in a more suitable time zone is now possible.

2. Lower costs

Remote working practices make it far easier to hire workers on part-time contracts, or to work on a single project as and when required. This means that companies can avoid having to take on full-time staff on full-time salaries, with all of the benefits, national insurance, pension contributions and bonuses that go hand-in-hand with that.

3. No more daily commute

Employees benefit hugely by working from home as they can ditch the daily commute. This means less stress, increased punctuality, increased productivity and no more costly monthly travel cards.

4. Sourcing hard-to-find skill sets

One of the reasons why remote working is so popular in the internet and technology fields is that the skill sets that businesses seek are often hard to find in the local area. Remote working allows companies to work with employees that are extremely qualified, and benefit from their expertise, no matter where they are located.

5. The technology

The key to the success of remote working lies in communication and doing so globally has become so much simpler and faster thanks to broadband. Services like Vonage Extensions let you share your existing call plan with two smartphones as well as your landline, enabling home and small businesses to make unlimited calls to up to 68 countries at no extra cost.

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