Open All Hours: The Impact of Easy Global Communication on Small Businesses

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Big or small, and whether you realise it or not, almost all business takes place on an global level now. Even the handmade craft products for sale in the shop just down the street from you might have been made from supplies sourced from another part of the country or halfway across globe. None of this would be possible without the benefits of easier, cheaper global communication in the business world.Open All Houres

With the help of communication technology tools like smartphones, video conferencing, email, and VoIP, the movement of information within all organisations, regardless of size, has become simple, fast and more affordable. Communication tools like these enhance the movement of information among employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. Simply put, the advantages of easy international communication on small businesses are almost limitless.  But what are these advantages?


On every level, improved global communication can help reduce costs. The price of international communication in and of itself is something that has plummeted in recent years, with EU governments driving down the cost of roaming, and VoIP services allowing for free online communication via voice calls and video conferencing. Connecting globally can also help you save on:

  • Operational costs – looking for cheaper suppliers? Now the world is your oyster. You’re no longer limited to suppliers in your immediate area.
  • Promotional costs – business promotion and product launch is now more affordable than ever. Thanks to social media, many small businesses have found ways to increase their brand awareness and attract more clients at a minimal cost. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, your business now has global reach.

A bigger market

As well as cutting costs, international communication gives you the power to reach and sell to more buyers. Overseas customers are now within easy reach, so your buyer base, and potential sales growth, is as big as your ambition. It’s great news for any small business’ ROI.


Spanning countries means spanning time zones and global communication opens up the possibility of around the clock operations. Customers can be browsing for your products and services 24/7, and remote workers can be on hand to get the work done 24/7 too.

Global support network

International communication not only gives you access to more customers, more suppliers, and more peers to do business with, it also allows you to access the shared expertise and advice of other business owners from all over the globe. Via social media, blogs and forums you can learn from those in a similar position and pick up valuable advice. And more than just advice, this global support network can extend to capital. The bank won’t lend? Maybe your neighbour will via a social-lending site.

Save time and increased production

Making communication simpler and faster also equates to higher production levels. No more waiting for important data or files to reach you, or hanging around for days waiting to hear back from a client. Now you can get on with the job immediately.

Improved customer service

All small business owners know that without customers, they fail. International communication improvements have not only given small businesses access to more customers globally, they’ve also made it easier to keep in touch with them and retain their loyalty. Online translation apps, Twitter feeds, 24/7 customer email or helplines all help to improve your relationship with customers.

So, should your business be thinking about its global reach? And how can you harness the power of easy international communication to strengthen your business and help it grow?

It’s time to make the most of the tools that are out there at your disposal. Start by downloading the Vonage Extensions app. This allows you to extend your existing international calling plan to include two smartphones as well as your landline, at no extra cost. This means that your business could be making unlimited calls to up to 68 countries worldwide via your landline and smartphone right now.

And there are plenty more savvy apps, software products and communication tools that your business can use to help it thrive on a global level. From free translation apps to help you communicate with overseas suppliers to free text services like WhatsApp, there are valuable tools out there that will cost your business virtually nothing.

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