Four tools to start a pop-up business

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There’s never been a better time to start a pop-up business like a shop, cafe or restaurant. But what equipment do you need to get your pop-up off the ground quickly and smoothly?

1. A Wi-Fi connection

Access to a good broadband connection is essential. With a strong Wi-Fi signal, you can effectively run your pop-up business from a smartphone. You can keep your customers entertained with a music playlist, take payments, update your Twitter feed and upload any special offers or menus to your website.

2. A chip & PIN reader

Today’s consumers like to pay by card, so if you’re selling meals or items that cost more than £5, it’s really worth investing in a chip & PIN reader. New slimline terminals don’t cost a lot, they’re ultra-portable and can plug straight into your smartphone. As well as speeding up transactions, the technology removes one of the most common barriers to purchase and can increase sales by up to 30%.

3. A tablet

If you’re running a pop-up operation, you may only be in your location for a short time. So it’s good marketing practice to collect your customers’ details so you can keep in touch when your business relocates. You could use the old pen and paper method, then try to decipher scrawled names and email addresses later. Or you could ask your customers to enter their details into a quick web form, via your handy tablet computer, that feeds their details directly into your mailing list.

4. A smartphone

The easiest way to run your pop-up business is on your smartphone, which gives you all the tools you need to run a fast-moving operation, whether it’s for emails, calls, social media, web browsing or even office documents. But running your business from your mobile can get expensive, which is where Vonage can help.

If you have a Vonage call plan for your business, you can download the Vonage Extensions app and use your plan on up to two smartphones as well as your landline. This will save you money on outgoing calls and if you opt for our call forwarding feature, you won’t have to give customers, partners or suppliers a separate mobile number. They can reach you on your landline number, so you’ll never miss an important business call again.