Ten part-time business ideas you can start from home

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Woman-laptopIf you’ve always wanted to start your own business, but you’re not able to focus on it every hour of the day, here are ten part-time business ideas that you can start from home. It may be easier than you think to be your own boss and earn a healthy extra income along the way.

Online trading

Online trading has absolutely rocketed since the rise of marketplaces like eBay. All you need to set up shop online is an account and something to sell. In principle, this could be any physical product that you can sell for more than the cost of buying or making it. With virtually no set-up costs but lots of potential to make money, it’s one of the most popular part-time business models for home workers.


The internet is awash with a need for workers with professional skills available on a freelance basis. Editorial services, graphic design, web development – there’s an abundance of work out there in these areas, which you can find online at so-called ‘e-lancing’ websites such as freelancer.com. These are hubs where employers place tasks, which freelancers from around the world bid for. Choose the projects that interest you most and agree the fee beforehand. It could be the future of remote working.

Buying & selling

Whether you trade online or from your own premises, buying and selling goods for a profit is one of the oldest business ideas around. It’s a simple model. If you have an eye for all things antique, you could trawl the internet (and charity shops) looking for bargains to sell on for a profit. Whether it’s antiques, video games, records, ornaments, you name it – you can turn your collectables into a business.


If you’ve got a spare room in your home then why not turn this valuable asset into a business? The success of services like Airbnb shows that there’s a real demand for cheaper alternatives to staying in a hotel. If you have a unique offering such as a particularly stylish room in a high-demand area then it could be an easy source of income that you can market online.


If you’re good with your hands and you’ve got some creative flair, there’s a huge market out there for original and quirky goods. Clothes making, jewellery design, ornamental objects, furniture – there are a host of things you can make with your hands if you have the skills. The best thing about this is you can go at your own pace and do something you love. Whatever you make, provided it’s of decent quality, you should be able to sell for a tidy profit.


Got a passion for music? Then you could try music tuition. Market yourself online through popular musician messaging boards such as gumtree.com. You could offer lessons at home, at your customer’s home or over the internet using a videoconferencing service. It doesn’t work only for music of course. Any national curriculum subject, such as English, maths, languages or science, will be in demand from young people, then there’s the whole adult education market to look at too.


If you’ve got specific skills and experience that you can sell, you can market yourself as an advisor to businesses and individuals. Use your professional experience to assist small businesses, charities or new ventures. Especially if you’re retired or if you’ve changed career but you still have some solid expertise behind you, why not put it to work?

Pet services

If you’re an animal lover who likes the outdoors, why not turn your passion into financial gain by starting a dog walking service? You could offer your services to busy professionals who must leave their pets at home all day. You could consider offering pet boarding and petsitting services for when your customers are on holiday. With virtually no start-up costs and free exercise included, it’s potentially a great option.


Capitalise on soaring childcare costs in the UK by offering a more affordable alternative to a nursery. This is a great option for a home business if you absolutely adore children, have endless amounts of energy and are very patient. Many parents may prefer a home-based environment to an institutional setting too, so you’ll be offering a truly in-demand, bespoke service to a VIP!

IT support

If you have a background in IT and you aren’t phased by dealing with user software issues or the inner workings of a PC or Mac, then you could offer your services as a troubleshooter. Many people have a phobia of technology and you could be the reassuring voice when things go wrong.