Ten productivity hacks when starting a home business

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If you’ve started a new home business, you’ll have already realised that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, so we’ve come up with ten productivity hacks to help you save time and maximise your productivity.

1.    Use a separate email for your business

Avoid getting bogged down in personal affairs during the day by setting up a separate email dedicated to your business activities. Not only will this make you appear more professional to your clients, but it will stop you getting distracted. Restrict yourself to checking personal emails in your lunch break.

2.    Get a second phone line

Personal phone calls can really interrupt your concentration so avoid them altogether by getting a second phone line dedicated to your business. With Vonage’s home business landlines, you simply plug in your phone to your existing broadband connection to enjoy low-cost VoIP calls, plus a host of other features that will enhance your professionalism.

3.    Get a head start

With no commute time in the morning, you’re able to get a head start on your clients and competitors.  Try starting work at 7am – this is when you’ll be at your freshest and most productive. Best of all, come 9am when the standard working day starts, you’ll have that great feeling of already having achieved so much just as everybody else is getting going.

4.    Take some quiet time

If there’s an important project you’re working on that requires your complete attention, you could try switching off your phone altogether. Simply dial *78 from your Vonage phone to enable the do not disturb feature, then *79 when you’re ready to reopen comms channels with the world.

5.    Exercise at work to boost concentration

Taking short breaks at regular intervals is a much more effective way of working then keeping going until you burn out. Instead of mindlessly surfing the web in your downtime, try a 15-minute workout by your desk. Dumbbells, a running machine, yoga – all are great ways of improving your fitness and clearing your mind before you move on to the next task.

6.    Use conference and video calling

Meetings held in person are great for cementing business relationships, but the time required for getting from A to B means that a conference or video call might make more sense.

7.    Work smarter

If you do have to go out for a meeting, reduce your time wasted on travel by working remotely before and afterwards. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and with so much free Wi-Fi available across the UK, this shouldn’t be a problem.

8.    Forward calls to your mobile

Divert business calls from your landline to your mobile using Vonage’s call diversion service, so you’ll never miss a business call when you’re out and about. Simply dial *72 from your Vonage phone to enable the service and *73 when you get home.

9.    Work internet-free

If the temptation to surf the internet becomes too much and you really need to get some work done, you could try going internet-free. Setting aside time without distractions is a great way to focus. Just remember not to leave it too long to catch up with your emails and calls.

10.  Make a schedule, and stick to it!

Things will undoubtedly crop up during the day that you didn’t anticipate working on. That’s why it’s so important to schedule your activities, so you don’t get distracted from working on the priority tasks you intended to.