Five tips for working from home

Work smarter

Pic-2--700x286Working from home may sound like the dream, but in reality a thought-out schedule and a large dose of motivation is needed for optimum productivity. Our tips will help you steer clear of procrastination and make your home the most efficient, and profitable, working environment possible.
By sticking to a few simple guidelines, you could avoid the temptation to slip into a cycle of waking up late, spending the day in your pyjamas and watching Jeremy Kyle and instead wake up to the business potential of working from home.

At Vonage, we’re always a little envious of those entrepreneurs who get to call their homes ‘work’. Here are our five tips if you’re one of those lucky people:

1. Dress for the occasion

As we’ve mentioned, wearing your pyjamas and dressing gown as your everyday office attire may sound appealing but it is important to mentally prepare for the day by dressing for work.

2. Separate work environment from home

Wherever you are working from it is important to strike the right balance between home and work life. Bringing your work home with you becomes even more of a challenge when your home is actually your office, but by maintaining strict rules and high standards of professionalism you can make working from home an advantage for your personal life and your career.

3. Stick to set hours

Whilst escaping office hours is the main benefit of leaving your old job behind, setting your alarm for the right side of noon will ensure you reap the rewards of working from home and find time for family and friends. Limit your exposure to daytime TV, have a designated office, email account and work phone, and take the breaks that you would take if you were at the office to help you work at home efficiently.

4. Get outside

It’s all too easy to shut yourself away when working from home, however, for many individuals this can become monotonous and unproductive. Don’t be afraid to venture beyond your home’s four walls in search of a change of scenery by setting up your office in your local café or library.

5. Have a to-do list

The best and worst thing about being your own boss is that it’s up to you to organise your day and while this offers freedom, it can also be hard to keep on top of what tasks need to be prioritised. Start each day with a to-do list, if only for the satisfaction of crossing each one off as you complete them.