How to use your skills to make money from home

Start a business


Whether you’re starting a home business, working part-time, returning to work after a break, recently retired or just looking for a better working lifestyle, here are seven great ways to use your skills to make money from home.

Start from where you are

What skills do you already possess? What interests you? The chances are what interests you is also something you’re good at, so take a look at what you can offer. You’d be surprised at what is marketable. The business world has never been so embracing of creativity and individuality, and the internet and social media means you can easily connect your skills to someone who needs them.

Become a consultant

If you’ve got career experience behind you, why not offer your skills to businesses that could use them?  Start-ups and growing businesses always need extra skills, but they may prefer to bring someone in for a specific project rather than invest in a permanent position. This can mean greater flexibility on both sides, so you can work from home or fit a project around other commitments, while your client benefits from your experience without having to make a long-term commitment.

Network, network, network

If you want to work from home then one of your strongest assets are the people that you already know. Your friends, relatives and previous colleagues will connect you to all sorts of people who can help you carve out a career from home. If you know someone who’s working lifestyle you admire, why not ask them how they got started?

Let the web provide

As the online community continues to grow, there are all kinds of flexible and freelance opportunities out there, whether you have specialist skills or not. If you have design skills you could turn your hand to web design, if you’re good with words you could offer web content. For the technically minded, the world of coding offers unlimited opportunities. But even if you have no specialist skills, companies are always on the lookout for home-based freelance moderators, where you monitor social media and message boards to make sure people behave politely online.

Blog your way to work

Blogging opportunities for enthusiastic people are growing and growing. You don’t need to be the world’s greatest writer either. If you’ve got something to say, or a passion you want to share, you can write guides, reviews, tips, diaries or topical articles. Set up your own blog and promote your work on social media, or write for an established blog and get paid for your contributions. The blogging world is your oyster, but you won’t have to travel anywhere to get results.

Assist, virtually

Becoming a Virtual Assistant or VA is a popular choice for home workers as the business world supports more and more flexible working. Many start-ups now prefer to hire a virtual assistant, who could be based anywhere in the world, to manage their commitments. This means they can reduce overheads while you enjoy a less structured form of working that fits around you.

Offer customer service from home

Many companies, especially growing businesses, now outsource their customer service response, so if you have a helpful attitude and you’re comfortable speaking on the phone, why not become a home-based customer service operator?

Communicate clearly without the cost

However you use your skills to make money from home, you’ll need two basic things to get started – fast internet access and a phone. Traditional phone networks make you pay for line rental and then add call costs on top. When you’re making regular daytime calls for work, this can get expensive very quickly. With a VoIP phone, you make calls over the internet rather than your phone line, so call costs are significantly reduced and there’s no line rental, while voice quality is still crystal clear.