With Vonage you’re already free to roam when using your mobile phone abroad

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Vonage UK wants to banish big-bill blues for travelling smartphone users

Vonage believes in a good deal for customers. In helping people stay in touch without paying a fortune. So it’s good to see the industry is moving away from bank-busting roaming charges for travelers using their mobiles abroad.

Customers of all mobile network providers have been avoiding costly bills when travelling abroad for some time. How? By using Vonage Extensions. It’s the downloadable app that lets holiday makers and business travelers make WiFi calls on their smartphones that are charged under their existing call plan, even though they’re away from home.

We think charging calls made on-the-go at the same rates as those enjoyed through a home calling plan – in other words as if they were made from the phone back home – and billing them in one place too, keeps things nice and simple. And as two smartphones can be linked to the plan, the travelling companion doesn’t need to be out of touch either.

So, let’s banish those big-bill blues. Instead travel with confidence and make guilt-free calls home whenever you like. Peace of mind; it’s a wonderful thing.