VoIP Office Telephone Systems – How do they help my small business?

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What is VoIP?

An acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is a technology that allows audio signals to be transmitted over the internet. Much cheaper than traditional voice calls over landlines, VoIP is fast becoming the preferred choice of communication system for small businesses.

As VoIP is hosted in the cloud, it gives almost unlimited flexibility for business use and scalability for expansion. The system features are based on software and not hardware, so there is really no limit to the features that can be installed by the user.

VoIP technology has the potential to change the way the world uses telephony, and is particularly useful for smaller businesses. VoIP business telephones are the way businesses worldwide are going, and the cloud is the way technology is moving fast.


How Does VoIP Work?

For a service hosted in the cloud, you simply need to log into the service provider through your broadband connection. The data and networks are managed offsite, and you only need to connect your phones and dial. This set-up is significantly cheaper than traditional phone service providers, and also promises technical advantage. The cloud always has the latest version of software, so there are never any updating issues. In addition, a hosted VoIP will give you the flexibility and scalability you need as your grow your business.

Using VoIP for Business

VoIP makes great business sense, since you can make thousands of calls and the bandwidth will still be cost effective – certainly less than paying for the calls.

A huge advantage of a VoIP office telephone its scalability and flexibility. Flexible VoIP phones allow you and your employees to make calls and connect with each other or your customers and suppliers anywhere in the world.

Business travellers, particularly, can use this as a business advantage. They can take their adaptors with them while on the move, and always be connected to their home or office phone.

Since VoIP essentially uses data compression to transmit calls over the internet, there is always space for more in your bought bandwidth. These scalable VoIP business phones add even more to the cost advantage.

Another new technology is the softphone that loads the VoIP software to the desktop, and looks like a phone on the display. It allows you to take calls from anywhere in the connected world.

How to Buy the Right VoIP Business Telephone

Increasing internet usage globally is leading more and more businesses to go the VoIP route.  Today VoIP is the cheapest and fastest wayto reach a much larger market for your business, with less incremental cost, higher flexibility and much greater scalability.

  • Even if you have an existing phone system, moving to VoIP will not cost anything extra. You will, of course, need a fast broadband connection. And the more simultaneous users you have to connect, the higher bandwidth will be required. Routers and switches should be well-oiled and in top working condition, because once you are on VoIP, downtime could cost business.
  • Look for cost effectiveness of the package – for instance, not all companies will need international facilities, so why spend for it? The best VoIP provider will give you a plan that fits your requirements. And then add interesting features that will add value to your communications – friendly greetings messages, call recording and conferencing, for instance. Look for these add-ons before you decide.
  • And finally, service should be a criterion for the decision. Great service ensures zero downtime, and no business loss. That’s what you need from your VoIP advantage.
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