Vonage tops ‘Best 5 business VoIP providers for 2014’ list

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It’s always nice to receive great feedback, so we were excited to hear that Vonage bagged the No.1 spot in a list of 2014’s five best business VoIP providers. Specialists looked at qualities such as overall price, additional features and customer satisfaction, amongst others – and here are the reasons they think Vonage stands out.


Simple sign-up

We’ve made signing up for Vonage as simple as possible – it takes just a couple of days for your Vonage box to arrive, and then you can start making low-cost calls instantly. Keeping this process as simple and straightforward as possible is very important to us.

Great customer service

We want interacting with our support staff to be as convenient as possible – as well as our range of video user guides and FAQs, customers can contact our highly ranked customer service team by phone or email. We’ve invested in making sure our customer support team knows all our products inside out and can help you select the best service for your business needs, and get the most out of it once you’ve signed up.

Low monthly payments

All of Vonage’s business packages have one thing in common: a flat, low monthly fee that allows small businesses to manage their costs. Plus, there are no hidden costs such as installation charges or line rental fees to worry about.

No contract

At Vonage, we realise that smaller businesses often need greater flexibility, which is why we don’t lock our customers into long, burdensome contracts. After all, we want our customers to stay with us because of the great value we offer – not because they’ll be penalised if they decide to leave.

Wide range of extra features

Keeping your business communications running smoothly is a lot easier with the help of additional features and enhancements, which is why Vonage business customers can access extra features such as ring lists, visual voicemail, do not disturb, call transfer, 3-way calling and call waiting at no extra charge.

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