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Arleth Health Case Study

Learn how Vonage keeps Arleth Health accessible all the time

Arleth Health Ltd is a Physiotherapy practice currently based in Potters Bar, having been started by Arleth Cristina Knights in Hastings in 1994. Arleth Health works with clients to help them recover from health problems and injuries, including joint pain, sports injuries and many more. Their aim is to diagnose and develop a treatment programme tailored to each specific injury, and bring clients quickly back to full health.

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By having Vonage, everything is in the cloud, so I was able to have five virtual receptionists. They pick up our calls in Scotland, book the appointment in the calendar, and then also transfer the clients to any of the physios or consultants if required.

Arleth Christina Knights, Founder & Director of Arleth Health Ltd
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Like many small businesses, it took a while before Arleth felt in a position to expand. But when she was finally ready, she was unsure how they would cope with a more complex communication system. Often, patients calling one clinic may need to be transferred to another, which normally would require providing patients with a phone number for them to contact directly, rather than staying on the line.

Arleth didn't want to put her clients through to an answering machine, as many clients have significant injuries that can't easily be explained via voicemail. Yet, she wanted an ability to concentrate on clients without the interruptions of many telephone calls. She needed a system in which clients could be passed directly to the necessary member of staff, without interrupting others.

Arleth was also looking to expand abroad, and had begun to search for an office in Spain. However, she was concerned about the high costs associated with communicating over the phone when overseas, and the logistical costs of having a separate telephone provider.


During the expansion period an employee recommended Vonage as a way of reducing costs, while simultaneously tailoring a specific telephone system to their needs.

Vonage allows Arleth to have a Head Office telephone number, which can receive and transfer calls to its other clinics, whilst also maintaining independent virtual local numbers for each region.

"Our main focus is to allow the company to be accessible at all times and Vonage has certainly made this possible for us." The Vonage system has allowed those important calls to be taken either by a local or virtual receptionist, even when staff are working with clients. This provides their clients with a person on the other end of the line, instead of a recorded message, and their queries are attended to at the first point of contact, providing a smooth and seamless call.

Taking the Vonage system abroad has proved to work very well for the company: "Once again what a great asset it is to have Vonage." They added the Vonage Mobile app to their mobile phones: "This allows us to make free calls whilst abroad, which is truly amazing. It significantly reduces the cost for employees to remain in contact, whilst also maintaining a single telephone contract."


Arleth has appreciated the support and reliability of Vonage's service. She happily endorses the benefits that Vonage provide them: "A low cost telephone system, great customer service, unlimited free calls all over the world and the use of the Mobile app for mobile phones."

Arleth agrees that reliable telecommunications are integral for businesses: "For a business to succeed, you need to be 100 percent accessible. You never know when you will be receiving that important call which will launch and transform your business. Vonage has been one of the best decisions that our company took to address our telephone system as our clinics were based in different locations."

Arleth Health - Small Business Case Study
Arleth Health is a growing physiotherapy business with clinics in South-East England and Spain

Arleth Health - Small Business Case Study Video Transcript

Arleth Health is a private physiotherapy company. We started back in 1994 and we developed a company that grew to have five clinics in the South-East. Within the last year we have restructured the company and it has become a multi-discipline clinic. We have orthopaedic consultants, osteopaths, physiotherapists - four therapists.

Communications is the heart of our business. Our clients will be, most of the time, in some kind of pain. They need to see somebody, they need to speak to somebody. So it is extremely important there is always somebody at the end of the phone. By having Vonage, everything is in the cloud, so I was able to have five virtual receptionists. They pick up our calls in Scotland, book the appointment in the calendar, and then also transfer the clients to any of the physios or consultants if required. So this clinic is never far away from your fingertips. And it releases me from being on the phone, because I need to be treating clients.

Because it is in the cloud, I can use it in any country, so we are in the process of opening a clinic in Spain. I take my Vonage box to Spain – I just plug it in, you can do it yourself, and it will take you a couple of minutes even if you are not computer literate!

Small businesses need to look at how much they spend, and Vonage allows us to be at ease – that it is not going to cost a fortune.

Out of five stars, I would give five out of five to Vonage. It is seamless, easy and accessible. We use if everywhere, and we recommend it to all our associates, because I think when something is good, you need to really show it to the world.

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