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Entec Sound & Light Case Study

Vonage provided the best solution suited to Entec Sound and Light

Entec Sound and Light are the longest running sound and light business in the UK. The business was founded in London as a recording studio, and rolled out across the rest of the UK – ending up as part of the services for Reading Festival. This was the start of a chain of recording studios, which eventually evolved into a sound and lighting company.

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Not only did Vonage offer the most cost-efficient business solutions, they are dedicated to providing the best solution suited to Entec Sound and Light.

Nick Pendleton, Chairman
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Although not a big company, Entec Sound and Light provide some of the best services in the UK. The company only have 13 people based at their warehouse, and so rely on their vast network of people to make connections. The show must always go on, and therefore it is vital to have an open communication line with people that truly understand the requirements needed.


Entec Sound and Light were originally apprehensive about updating their phone systems, but thanks to Vonage, the transition was smooth and quick, and they were impressed with how reliable the service is. Being able to link their fixed line phones to their mobiles is invaluable to them, as their warehouse manager can be knee-deep in wires and equipment and still take a call, rather than having to return to their desk.


As a company, this transition has made them excited for the future. The team will continue to invest in new technology; but the next 50 years, like the last 50 years, will be about the fundamental values of good relationships and open communication, and Vonage is looking forward to being a part of that journey.

Entec Sound & Light - Business Case Study
Entec Sound & Light
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