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Communication APIs

Reinvent how you communicate and win big with Nexmo APIs.

Today's consumers expect personalised, immediate communication. Nexmo communication APIs help you reinvent how you communicate with the world—gaining consumers' attention, winning their loyalty, and leveraging the conversation in new and exciting ways.

  • No cost to get started
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • Global reach
  • Vonage's carrier-grade network
Vonage APIs.
Watch the video and discover what Nexmo APIs can do for your organization..

Vonage APIs.

Watch the video and discover what Nexmo APIs can do for your organization..

Connect to customers in real time

Create more effective marketing communications. Enhance your product experience. Provide better customer support. Collect and utilise meaningful data. Do it all with ease and confidence.

Connect smarter via text message. (Insert emoji here.)

Harness one of the most effective ways to connect. Our text messaging API helps you extend your reach with access to every messaging-enabled mobile number.

Learn More About text messaging API
Voice API

Make live calls more impactful than ever before.

Transform your customer support, call marketing, conference calling, and more with our flexible, cloud-based voice API.

Learn more about voice api
Verification API

Validate users (without the friction)

With our phone number verification API, you can validate users while providing a fast, seamless login experience for your customers

Learn more about verification api
Chat API

Tap into your customers' everyday experience.

Provide customer support and loyalty incentives via the messaging apps your customers already use, like Facebook Messenger, with our chat API.

Learn more about chat api

Gain insight for more effective communication.

Get real-time insight on any number in the world and determine the best way to connect with our phone number insights API.

Learn More About Number Insights API
Nexmo team
"Nexmo's developer relations team have been super helpful overcoming any issues I've encountered...All issues overcome have later been reflected in their documentation to help other developers."
Marcus Noble, Developer

Build it your way, and keep your developers happy.

Your developers will get our ready-to-use, high-quality APIs, plus super-speedy support and a rockstar community network.

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