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Call Continuity

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Automatic call rerouting in the event of an emergency.

Call Continuity Overview

Power outages happen, and sometimes your Internet connection goes down because of an ISP provider issue. This important call routing feature keeps your business up and running no matter what obstacles come your way.

How Call Continuity Works

In the event of an emergency during which Vonage Business is unable to route calls to your Vonage phones or your phone loses its connection to Vonage, our call Continuity Service will reroute your calls to a backup phone number of your choice. It's important that you configure this call routing feature at your earliest convenience.

Why you will like Call Continuity

  • You won't lose business due to a loss of power or internet
  • Callers can reach someone during your business hours no matter what
  • Business communication is never compromised
  • Select a backup phone number of your choice


Call Continuity is included with your purchase of a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Call Continuity is easy and can be managed through your online portals, plus our business phone specialists are available to help if you need it.