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Call Waiting

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A quiet notification while you're on another call

Call Waiting Overview

Every call counts, which is why it's important to be informed of an incoming call, even while you're in the middle of another conversation. You can use the call waiting feature to have someone else take the call, ask your caller to hold or to send the incoming call to voicemail while you finish your conversation. It's incoming call notification when you want it.

How Call Waiting Works

When you're on the phone, Call Waiting will quietly beep in the background to give youl Incoming call notification about an additional incoming call.

Why you will like Call Waiting

  • Incoming call notification tells you when you have a call waiting
  • You can have someone else take the call
  • You have the ability to ask your caller to hold
  • Send the incoming caller to voicemail


Call Waiting is an included feature that you get when your purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Easily manage Call Waiting through the Admin Portal.