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Multiple Devices on One Extension

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All of your phones connected to one extension.

Multiple Devices on One Extension Overview

With this multi-line phone system, you can use up to three different phones on the same Vonage Business extension (e.g., desk phone at work, desk phone at home, softphone on your smartphone or laptop). This 3-line phone system lets you use the same phone number, voice mailbox, and extension for all your registered phones at no additional cost.

How Multiple Devices on One Extension Works

P telephony allows businesses to extend their phone system's reach far beyond the walls of their brick and mortar location. IP Phones work by registering their unique IP addresses with the system each time they are plugged in. As long as a phone is connected to the Internet, it can be located by the phone system, and thus receive calls at the appropriate extension number. Now, with Multiple Devices on One Extension, each extension can register up to three different IP addresses to connect a call.

Why you will like Multiple Devices on One Extension

  • Convenient 3-line phone system
  • No more plugging and unplugging the phone you're not using
  • Multi-line phone system truly work from anywhere you have internet


Multiple Devices on One Extension is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. To activate Multiple Devices on One Extensions for your phone system, simply register a softphone or second office location with the same Vonage extension.