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Set Caller ID

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Easily change caller ID and choose what people see when you call.

Set Caller ID Overview

With the Set Caller ID features, we offer several customisation options for setting Caller ID numbers including: displaying one number for all extensions, setting each extension to show any number from the account you prefer; choosing to display nothing at all; or programing an alphanumeric name or company name to appear along with the telephone number.

How Set Caller ID Works

For all outbound calls from the company, recipients see the exact Caller ID set on the Admin Portal by the company administrator. You can easily set up single number displays, unique extension numbers, or no display from the Admin Portal. To program an alphanumeric name, or company name please contact our customer care team.

Why you will like Set Caller ID

  • Dictate exactly what call recipients see as your outbound Caller ID
  • Change Caller ID on your outbound calls for each extension with any number from your account
  • Select a Caller ID name or business name to appear instead of a number. (Customer Care assistance is required for this option.)
  • Distinguish departments, or even multiple businesses, run from the same account


Set Caller ID is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Set Caller ID is easily configured by the company's administrator, who designates which number from the account will appear on outbound Caller ID for each extension. Should you prefer to set a Caller ID name, instead of a number, call and one of our business phone system specialists will assist you.