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Simul­taneous Ring

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Another simple setting to help you avoid missing calls.

Simul­taneous Ring Overview

Simultaneous Ring (part of our Never Miss a Call features on the Vonage Business Cloud platform) you can activate call forwarding when you configure your mobile phone or desk phone to ring as soon as a call comes in.

How Simul­taneous Ring Works

Simultaneous Ring allows incoming calls to ring up to five different numbers at the same time. Unanswered calls are sent to voicemail. Super Users and Administrators can set Simultaneous Ring for any extension and account. End Users can set for their own extension only.

Why you will like Simul­taneous Ring

  • When you activate call forwarding with Simultaneous Ring, you can minimise missed calls when you're out of the office
  • You can get all your calls on the go
  • Set up call forwarding to all of your phones


Simultaneous Ring is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Simultaneous Ring is easy, and can be managed through the User Portal.