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Virtual Receptionist

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Customised call routing for exceptional customer service.

Virtual Receptionist Overview

This sophisticated automated attendant phone service lets you create main menu pathways, routing your callers to the appropriate department or individual for a streamlined experience. Our Virtual Receptionist also gives you the flexibility to customise your call routing for holidays, lunchtimes or even after hours calls.

Virtual Receptionist
Stay on task, easier

How Virtual Receptionist Works

The Virtual Receptionist service provides each caller with a variety of options that allow them to reach specific departments. They can dial by name, dial by extensions, or use a company directory. Then the caller is routed through to the extension of their choice.

Why you will like Virtual Receptionist

  • Add as many Virtual Receptionists you want to create a robust phone menu system
  • With this automated attendant phone service setup options are completely customisable
  • Cut down on call clutter by getting callers to the right place the first time
  • Set up parameters for daytime and after hours calling
  • Give your customers a professional experience every time they call with our automated receptionist
  • Have your Virtual Receptionist greetings and options recorded for you by Vonage