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Voicemail to Email

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Get voicemail recordings conveniently in your email inbox.

Voicemail to Email Overview

Voicemail to Email is an efficient business feature that allows Vonage customers to listen to voicemail messages from their computer or phone—with recordings conveniently delivered to their email inbox. You can't always access your voicemail in the office, or even know when a voicemail is waiting. But with voicemail to email, you're notified by email with a clickable recording you can play on the spot. With voicemail to email, there's no reason to miss voicemails or delay receiving them.

How Voicemail to Email Works

When a voicemail message is received on your extension, an email notification is sent to the pre-selected email inbox of your choice. Attached to the email is an MP3 recording of the voicemail, which you can easily play on your computer speaker or headphones, or smartphone. If preferred, you can save the recording for reference later or as a permanent record of the voicemail.

Why you will like Voicemail to Email

  • Voicemail recordings are automatically emailed to your email inbox, which you can access at any time
  • Employees can easily save MP3 voicemail audio files to a folder on their computer
  • MP3 recordings are easy to review and control playback of specific parts of a message
  • Users can control and specify where they'll receive emails via their password-protected User Portal.
  • With Voicemail to Email in place, users can choose to add with Vonage Visual Voicemail (for a small fee) and receive voicemails transcribed to text within the body of email


Voicemail to Email is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Voicemail to Email is easy, and can be managed through the User Portal.