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Vonage Visual Voicemail®

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Transcribes voicemail to text and sends it straight to your email.

Vonage Visual Voicemail Overview

Available as an add-on, this voicemail transcription feature turns your voicemail to text and immediately delivers an email with the content of the message written out – accessible on any device where you check email.

Vonage Visual Voicemail
Read your voicemail

How Vonage Visual Voicemail Works

When you receive a voicemail on your extension, our automated system transcribes it and sends you an email. The transcribed message appears in the body of the email, along with the phone number and an attachment of the recorded message as an audio file.

Why you will like Vonage Visual Voicemail

  • Ensures you quickly receive voicemails in writing via email
  • Allows you to discretely read voicemails wherever you are
  • Lets you forward voicemail messages from your email
  • Protects privacy as no live agents are involved in the automated transcription process
  • Privately read your voicemail on any device where you check your email


First, activate the free Voicemail to Email feature on your Admin Portal. Then, go to the billing tab of the portal to set up Voicemail Transcription. Or, call Customer Care and a representative will help you set up the Visual Voicemail feature.