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Hit the Ground Running...

An early morning business call with Australia may not be everyone's idea of a perfect start to the week – especially when it begins at the breakfast table and then clashes with the morning commute.

But for Joanna, MD of a mid-sized executive recruitment firm based in the UK, this was par for the course.

The client was particularly impressed when Joanna's office number came up on the screen, implying that she was already at work. In fact, her company's cloud-based phone system always shows this number, regardless of where she is calling from.

A consistent phone experience that's simple to deliver

With cloud business phone services, calls, video, messaging and collaboration software – in fact, the entire communications infrastructure – are all managed in the cloud and accessed via the internet. All that's needed is internet access via broadband or mobile data, ensuring a consistent communication experience wherever you are, from any device.

simple to deliver
In this infographic you'll learn
  • Cloud Business Phone Services are making companies more productive
  • Business technology impacts the ability to recruit Millennials
  • Cloud Business Phone Services can cut costs by as much as 30% - 40%
  • Traditional phone service is rapidly approaching end of life
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A Good Read For
  • Owners of smaller businesses
  • MDs or Executive Teams of larger businesses
  • IT or Telecom managers