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Cloud business phone services unleash the full power of all your work applications

Today's businesses are investing in a range of cloud-based applications for CRM, ERP, staffing and recruiting, email, chat and messaging and other activities. But one of the biggest challenges is integrating these applications into a combination of cloud and on-premises systems.

On a traditional fixed-line or mobile call the data can be tricky to access – especially when you're out of the office.

Step up to a new level of communication

In a recent survey, 100 percent of 'technology mature' companies say they integrate their business applications into their everyday communications – just 18 percent of 'technology unaware' firms do the same.

  • Appropriate details flash up instantly and can be updated during or after the call by sales, customer care and other client-facing people – from any device
  • You'll know everything you need about customer preferences, lifestyle and purchase history
  • All customer calls are tracked, logged and routed to the most appropriate contact – outbound calls can be made with just one click from the CRM database
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In this infographic you'll learn
  • Cloud business phone services unleash the full power of your CRM, ERP and other work applications
  • Integrating applications with a phone system means that employees have all relevant information at their fingertips for every call
  • 93% of millennial workers say up-to-date workplace technology is an important factor when accepting a job offer
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