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Eight Reasons Why Businesses Are Embracing Cloud Phone Services

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Quick and easy set-up: no maintenance expense or hassle

Businesses are accessing more and more services in the cloud and enjoying the benefits of faster set-up, lower costs and zero investment in infrastructure and maintenance. A growing number are recognising the value of a cloud phone service.

  • Unlike traditional phone services, cloud phone doesn't require costly and bulky hardware
  • All you need is an internet connection and set-up takes 2-3 days at most
  • Maintenance and upgrades are carried out systematically by your cloud provider, so you'll always have the most up-to-date service

Conference with confidence

Few things are more embarrassing than botched conference calls with customers or prospects. Cloud phone services let you conference with confidence:

  • Say goodbye to botched dial-ins - just click to join the meeting
  • A cloud conference service can actually call you to join the call – and will automatically dial you back in should you drop out for any reason
  • Participants can easily share documents and message each other during the call
UCaaS stats
In this infographic you'll learn
  • Reasons why businesses are embracing cloud communications
  • Why "technologically mature" organisations are moving to the cloud
  • Why cloud communications are growing at 4x the rate of traditional communication services
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A Good Read For
  • Owners of smaller businesses
  • MDs or Executive Teams of larger businesses
  • IT or Telecom managers