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Calling features for your Vonage Business Phone Line

All our single line business plans come with features included at no extra cost.

Mobile Apps

Vonage Extensions<sup>®</sup>
Vonage Extensions® - calls to your business landline number ring on your mobile. Find out more.

Business Call Management

Caller Display
Caller Display - see the number of the incoming caller
Call Waiting
Call Waiting - signal tells you another caller is waiting, option to switch calls
Call Transfer
Call Transfer - transfer incoming calls to a different number
Call Divert
Call Divert - divert incoming calls to another number
SimulRing® - multiple lines ring at once
Ring Lists
Ring Lists - control how an incoming call is routed
Three Way Calling
Three Way Calling - have three way conference call

Other Useful Business Features

VoiceMail Plus
VoiceMail Plus - receive voice messages in multiple ways; takes voice messages, transcribes them and sends them to you email inbox, mobile phone and online account
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb - diverts all incoming calls to voicemail
Add a Line
Add a Line - add multiple phone lines to your account
Virtual Number
Virtual Number - create virtual offices by adding additional numbers to your business line
Dedicated Fax Line
Dedicated Fax Line - add a fax line to your account

Other Features

1471 - ring back your last caller at the normal Vonage rate
Withhold Caller ID
Withhold Caller ID - keep your number private when making a call
Anonymous Caller Block
Anonymous Caller Block - reject calls where incoming caller has hidden their number
International Calls Barring
International Calls Barring - block the ability to make international calls