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Record, Store & Replay Your Calls

Recording employee phone calls is better with Vonage Business Cloud.

Record Calls
  • Supports greater employee accountability, accuracy and development
  • Accountability - review employee compliance and quality
  • Accuracy - objectively resolve customer and supplier disputes
  • Development - support employee coaching and skills development
  • Easy to record, store, retrieve, and replay calls
  • Calls are stored securely in the Vonage Cloud, and are easily accessible by those granted permission
Need to record calls?

Need to record calls? We've got a few ways

With On-Demand and Company-Wide call recording, every recorded call is organised and available for easy access thanks to online portals on the Vonage cloud. Search call logs by extension or client account. Easily send recordings via email. Alter rules and download or delete recordings to make space in the archive, and so much more.

Need to record calls?

Record what you want, when you want

Get 15 hours of recording calls per extension. Easily play back calls or send audio files via email. With On-Demand Call Recording each extension has full control over their recordings management on the User Portal.

Need to record calls?

Company-Wide Recording

500 hours of storage, with additional blocks of 250 hours available.

Company-Wide Call Recording allows you to schedule rules and recording parameters for your entire office. Store your recordings in a password-protected archive, or easily distribute them through the admin portal.

Train better

Train better

Add-on Call Monitoring to your Business Cloud Company Wide Recording. Employee monitoring helps train better with three key capabilities: listen in, to monitor a call: whisper, to speak only to them: and barge, to step in for support.

Custom recording that's right for your business

Works with VoIP desk phone or mobile app.

Easily implement in employee training.

Meets regulatory requirements for various compliances.