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Easy Account Set Up

Switching to our business phone service is a snap.


3 simple steps to Vonage Business Cloud phone service

Switching phone carriers and systems used to be hard work, but not anymore. Cloud-hosted systems like ours are plug-and-play and easy to activate. No in-office installation or service delays. And month-to-month contracts are available. These three efficient steps make switching phone service a snap:

Speak to a Vonage VoIP specialist

Speak to a Vonage Business Cloud specialist

When you call us, a trained specialist will help understand your needs, answer questions, and recommend the most suitable option. When you're ready, we work with you to set up your account and order desk phones if needed. Once your account is set up, you're ready to start using the service on your mobile or laptop.

Prepare your Vonage account

Set up your Vonage system

With your approval, our team can begin the process of transferring your existing phone numbers to your Vonage Business account or we will provide the new phone numbers you need. We can set up how calls are routed to individuals in your team, your call greetings and announcement, anything you need for the system to work exactly the way you want it.

Activate business phone service

Plug in your phones

Your new phones are shipped to you ready-to-use. All you need to do is plug into your existing broadband connection.