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Mobile office solutions with flexibility and access.

With cloud-hosted unified communications, you can access and manage your business phone system virtually. Connect remote offices. Enable virtual teams and mobile workforce management. Get the power of your business phone system, collaboration tools, and business applications on all your devices, and turn your business into a mobile office.


Stay connected on the go through the power of the cloud.

Allow mobile workers, virtual teams and remote offices to work with cloud-based information via remote access tools, extension dialing across offices and more. Help your business support branch offices, home offices, or even no office and keep your professional presence consistent.

Truly unified communications

Mobile workforce management. In the palm of your hand.

So many of our phone features support mobile office solutions. And if you're using our Vonage Business Cloud Mobile App you can connect, collaborate and communicate on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Even manage extensions and control the entire system via the Admin Portal, wherever you have high-speed internet.

Call Flip

Call Flip

Seamlessly transfer calls answered on a mobile phone to your desk phone, or vice versa, without the other party knowing.


Simultaneous Ring

Configure all your devices, including mobile phones, to ring as soon as calls come in and ensure you never miss another important call.

Business Messaging

Business Messaging

Send and receive messages via your Vonage Business number–from your mobile device or computer to any extension.

Business Phone System

Work smarter, not harder–with mobile office solutions.

Boost efficiencies, streamline your mobile workforce management and more. Get simple-to-use web, video, and audio conferencing on your smartphone or tablet. Our simple interface offers click to conference with one-button password shortcuts. Plus, many of the cloud-based business applications you already use integrate seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet.

Call Flip

Mobile conferencing

Bring all your web, video, and audio collaboration tools together with powerful, easy to use mobile capabilities.

Mobile integrations

Mobile integrations

Take your business applications with you. Our deep integrations allow you to be more efficient on the go.


Accessibility, no matter what

Missed flights? Bad weather? Transit strikes? No worries. You won't need to get to the office to get the job done.

Turn your desk phone into a more mobile office.

Seamlessly mobilise your workforce and allow for remote offices, home offices, or no offices at all.

Over a third of our business phone features support mobility.

Conference, collaborate, and utilise our business applications on the go.