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Q. Do I need broadband to use Vonage?

A. Yes. To use Vonage you'll need a broadband connection, a home phone, and a Vonage Box™ which we'll send to you when you sign up.

Q. Can I keep my current phone number?

A. Most phone numbers can be transferred to Vonage. Click here for more information.

Q. Can I choose an area code and phone number?

A. Simply select the Vonage Premium plan and choose your area code and number in the checkout process.

Q. How long does it take to install Vonage?

A. We deliver your Vonage Box™ to you within 48 hours of you signing up. Then you simply plug in to your existing broadband and your standard home phone and you're able to make calls straight away.

Q. Does Vonage charge "line rental" fees?

A. Unlike many landline phone providers, with Vonage you only pay for your call plan and any calls made outside the plan. There are no Vonage charges for line rental.

Q. What is the quality of the call like?

A. We're proud to have won awards for the quality of our service.

Q. Can I take my phone number with me when I move?

A. Vonage moves with you. Just plug in your Vonage Box™ the same way, wherever you are. Your number stays the same and you'll carry on making calls with your plan.

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2 Gigaset A120 Cordless Phones

Join Vonage and receive 2 FREE Gigaset A120 cordless phones on selected plans.
Limited availability while stocks last!

Current Promotion
£25 value!
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Key Conditions

  • Orders must be placed between Saturday 1st September 2018 and midnight Sunday 30th September 2018
  • Limited Availability only while stocks last!
  • Offer only available on selected plans and if you stay on the selected plans
  • Offer applies to new customers only and does not apply to customers who have disconnected a Vonage line within the previous 90 days
  • Customers signing up for the promotion will not be eligible for any other Vonage promotional offer
  • Customers purchasing the Vonage Business Phone system product are not eligible for this Vonage promotional offer
  • Offer only available to customers who have their Vonage Box™ delivered to their home or business
  • Customers will receive their Gigaset cordless phones with their Vonage Box™

Vonage Home Savings Calculator

Find out how much you can save versus other home phone providers

Vonage Advantages

  1. No connection charge
  2. 2 Free Phones on selected Phone Line plans
  3. 30 days* minimum contract
  4. Choose any broadband provider
  5. Keep your existing number or choose a UK area code & number
  6. Easy to set up. No engineer visits or installation costs.
  7. 20 features included at no extra cost
Line Rental (per month)£0†£18.99£18.99£19.00
Unlimited Anytime Landline Calls (per month)£9.25£9.50£8.00£8.00
Voicemail (per month)Inclusive£3.00£1.25Inclusive
30-Day Money Back GuaranteeYesNoNoNo
Calling Features (per month)Inclusivefrom £5.00from £2.25Inclusive
1-Year total cost††£102.00£437.88£365.88£324.00

Terms & conditions apply. Prices correct at 16th February 2018, subject to change.
† Vonage works over your broadband connection so no line rental is required.
†† Inclusive of line rental, landline calling package, voicemail and calling features.

Questions? Give us a call on 0207 993 9000 or request a call back