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2 Gigaset A120 Cordless Phones

Join Vonage and receive 2 FREE Gigaset A120 cordless phones on selected plans.
Limited availability while stocks last!

Current Promotion
£25 value!
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Key Conditions

  • Orders must be placed between Thursday 1st November 2018 and midnight Friday 30th November 2018
  • Limited Availability only while stocks last!
  • Offer only available on selected plans and if you stay on the selected plans
  • Offer applies to new customers only and does not apply to customers who have disconnected a Vonage line within the previous 90 days
  • Customers signing up for the promotion will not be eligible for any other Vonage promotional offer
  • Customers purchasing the Vonage Business Phone system product are not eligible for this Vonage promotional offer
  • Offer only available to customers who have their Vonage Box™ delivered to their home or business
  • Customers will receive their Gigaset cordless phones with their Vonage Box™
2 Free Phones on selected Phone Line plans Offer ends in 11 days! See Details

Low cost calls to Australia

Unlimited* calls to Australia from just £13.75 a month

Call Australia from 0p a minute

  • Unlimited international calls to Australia and 60+ other countries from £13.75 a month
  • Use Vonage Extensions® to make clear, high quality calls to Australia on your smartphone
  • Use Extensions to make calls on your smartphone using Wi-Fi anywhere in the world
  • No calling cards or access codes required
  • Virtual Australia number available for incoming calls (additional fee of £2.99/month applies)*

Best plan for calling Australia

  Talk World
Monthly Price 13.75
Vonage Extensions® Included
UK Landline Calls Unlimited
UK Mobile Calls 10p/min*

Australians in the UK

The UK has had close connections with Australia since it became part of the Commonwealth and large numbers of Australians continue to visit or take up residence here. The 2001 UK Census recorded over 100,000 Australian-born people as living in the UK and a more current number is estimated at around 400,000. Since the late 2000s recession, the numbers have fallen somewhat, but the UK remains a very popular destination for Australians. To meet the demand for low cost calls to Australia, Vonage has introduced an unlimited Australia calling service, which lets you make reasonably priced calls with ease and convenience.

Calling Australia from the UK

  • Country Area Code: 61
  • Capital City: Canberra
  • Time Zone: GMT +8 to GMT +10
  • Landmarks: Sydney Opera House, Port Jackson, Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach