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Simplifying service-based businesses.



Converso makes it simple for service-based businesses to chat and transact with remote customers by integrating messaging and payments into one seamless conversation. We send invoices and checkouts via text and WhatsApp for secure payment via card and open banking.


Converso provides messaging and payments functionality to service-based SME businesses. Messages and payment requests are integrated seamlessly into a single customer conversation, making it easy for businesses to engage with their remote customers, and also get invoices or checkouts paid at the same time.


 Customers can pay via a couple of clicks on their mobile phone, resulting in less payment friction for the customer and increased cashflow for the business. Converso works with Vonage Messaging APIs to send WhatsApp and text messages. These create sales and support conversations, which can be handled effectively by allocating each conversation to an available team member.


 Channels such as text and Whatsapp generate a higher level of response than email and voice and enable direct, personalized interactions with remote customers that are ideal for sending secure, authentic payment requests.


Use Case


By using Vonage messaging APIs, Converso is able to provide a cost-effective alternative to taking payments over the phone. Payment requests can now be sent via mobile message, and as these are payable by mobile wallet or open banking, this provides a more convenient and secure payment experience for the end customer than dictating card details over the phone. In addition, businesses can reduce agent time spent handling phone calls and taking card details, and reduce the scope and cost of PCI compliance necessary for protecting customers’ card data.