Business Communication and Technology Bring Billable Hours Solutions to Life

When it comes to the business communication and technology solutions law firms use, the billable hours system is a major payroll iteration. It's an underlying process that empowers organizations to handle salaries, overhead, and all manner of significant revenue.

As cloud technology evolves and its potential touches more and more of the processes enterprises deal with every day, the opportunities to bring deep analytics and scalable, automated efficiencies to billable hours systems also expand and improve.

Business Communication and Technology: Automating Progress, Adding Sophistication

As Bloomberg reports, the outcomes of automation in the office are a boon to resource management. For instance, in-house systems at large companies such as JP Morgan are already crunching hundreds of thousands of lawyer and loan officer hours in computer-driven processes that take mere seconds. Errors evaporate, and software never asks for long weekends.

Enterprises can turn to cloud-based systems for the business communication and technology assets that allow admins to better tackle details.

Of course, organizations don't have to operate at massive scale to reap the benefits of billable hours solutions. Enterprise and mid-market firms can also claw back thousands of unlogged hours — with "unlogged hours" really meaning "lost hours." Without creating and deploying their own in-house hardware backbones, enterprises can turn to cloud-based systems for the unified communications assets that allow admins to better tackle details, such as the following:

  • Automatic Time Entry: The core value automation promises is inputting the time entries that apply to billable calls. Furthermore, automation's promise extends to logging rate hierarchies (from users to matter rates) and activity descriptions. The list goes on, because these cloud-based systems are both efficient and flexible, and integrate well with cloud applications that law firms use daily.
  • Tagging Calls and Taking Notes: Organizing and retrieving crucial call details is another advantage when it comes to automated systems. The ability to tag calls and notes allows firms to connect the dots — that is, a call associated with one matter is linked within the system, and the valuable resources those hours and topics can entail grows the organization's ability to work smart and identify valuable connections.
  • Flexible Customization: Data is malleable. Getting information-rich environments such as law firms off the manual process and into the admin portal scenario allows administrators to customize and structure records and notes over time. If time is money, spending less of the former making more of the latter is part of what technology offers in the arena of billable hours and captured information.

Business communications solutions can help law firms keep track of their lawyers' time, making certain team members know when they're on the clock, no matter where they might be.

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