VoIP Turns a Disruptive Emergency into Business as Usual

The snow and icy conditions of the last two days has immobilized Atlanta, with local businesses scrambling to keep their staff connected and productive. The city is in a state of emergency, so the lion’s share of workers are at home. As a result, for so many businesses, today will be considered a “lost workday” – a particularly dire consequence when they’re in the business of delivering customer service.

This is not the case for our large team at Vonage Business, with offices on Peachtree Street in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. Today, through the flexibility and reliability of business VoIP, it’s business as usual as we actively serve our base of more than 23,000 customers.

How are we able to do this? We use our own business VoIP phone system for all our employees, including our Customer Care and Sales professionals.

And just like our business customers, we’re able to rely on the Vonage business phone platform to power through tough emergencies and challenges like this.

Take Your Phone Anywher

As the snow began falling midday Tuesday – and employees were dismissed and asked to work from home the rest of the day – many employees took their VoIP desk phones with them. Since they can simply plug it in anywhere with a broadband Internet connection, their phone works just as it did at their desk. They’re connected to the office and to customers anywhere around the world.

Mobile App for Full Phone Functionality

Other employees are using their mobile apps to transition seamlessly to an unexpected work-from-home day (or two). With the mobile application, they get all the business phone functionality they experienced yesterday in the office. And no one they speak to today will be aware that they’re working remotely. They’re just following the lead of our many customers who use our mobile VoIP capabilities to empower their remote workforce.

Days like today remind us of how quickly an emergency can disrupt the course of business – and how important it is to have the systems in place to maintain continuous service. This week, our chief concern remains the safety and well-being of our employees. When conditions require our teams to work from home, we’re confident in their ability to succeed. After all, they’re using the best business VoIP phone system available.

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