Customer Success: Rosen Law Firm

We like to highlight our customers' success, and we often interview business owners who have chosen Vocalocity to see why they love using our hosted phone service.

This month, we talked to Lee Rosen of Rosen Law firm in North Carolina. Lee and his staff of attorneys work in family law across the state, and manage to stay connected anywhere from the courthouse to the beach house.

For the full story, read Lee's customer success writeup, or check out the highlights below.

Success for Rosen Law Firm Using VoIP:

  • The firm used to have an expensive, inflexible on-premise system with complicated technical management. Now, their hosted system means that Vocalocity takes care of all the updates and maintenance so they can focus on their cases.
  • They're saving half on what they used to pay, not just on service costs but also on maintenance.
  • Even when attorneys relocate away from the main office, Rosen Law can still retain top talent by having lawyers telecommute and use the online user portal to manage settings.
  • Lee's administrative assistant easily manages the day-to-day administration of the system from the online portal, and notes that learning how to use the features are "as easy as playing an online game."
  • And by using add-on features like Company Call Recording, they can quickly train employees to best handle the firm's day-to-day business on the phone.

“Company Call Recording is a feature that goes straight to the bottom line. That feature makes us money because we can listen to those calls, talk to employees, and watch them improve moment by moment. One day’s worth of Call Recording pays for Vocalocity for a year – literally – by taking an employee and improving their skills over the course of just one day.”

As legal professionals, Lee and his fellow attorneys need to be out of the office for hearings, court appearances, client consultations and extensive travel. We're glad that they're able to use Vocalocity's phone system to stay connected and competitive!

Do you have a great story to tell about how your company uses Vocalocity? Check out our Customer Success Stories page and click "Share Your Story" to let us know how you use Vocalocity's hosted phone service to power your small business.

Written by Vonage Staff

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