Dreamin’ of Bigger and Better Business

In a few days, NewVoiceMedia will have the pleasure of joining some of the most innovative companies in the Salesforce community for Midwest Dreamin’. This conference embodies everything that is great about the Salesforce collaborative network, while bringing together vendors, customers and Salesforce employees to meet, learn, collaborate and grow.

The event is geared toward administrators and developers and has a hard-hitting lineup of experts leading the charge. NewVoiceMedia is thrilled to be sponsoring and taking part in this two-day event!

As a company, NewVoiceMedia has always maintained a close relationship with Salesforce. Its CRM platform has opened up a proverbial universe of possibilities for companies of all sizes. Its vendor network is chalked full of partners that can take the standalone system to the next level.

Essentially, Salesforce is the ultimate Lego starter kit for businesses. It provides a sturdy and easy to navigate platform for everything from sales to service to marketing. Vendors augment, or “snap in” to the platform, so that businesses can build tools specific to their needs.

NewVoiceMedia enhances Salesforce by adding an inside sales and customer service CTI component within the platform. But also, like many others, it operates as a third-party agnostic platform. NewVoiceMedia deeply integrates into Salesforce, doesn’t use plugins and can run in tandem with other applications to provide unprecedented business synergy.

Better analytics, stronger internal and external communication and advancements in tracking catapult companies to the top of their respective industries. Salesforce enables specialty companies to come together and do what they do best. The company provides the foundation for growth and then provides networking opportunities like Midwest Dreamin’ for businesses to learn, partner and grow.

This market tactic has generated a culture of growth and sharing and speaks to the quality of Salesforce as a customizable CRM. There are opportunities abound for NewVoiceMedia, our customers, and all those attending the Midwest Dreamin’ event.

Interested in joining us at Midwest Dreamin’ July 21-22, 2016? Click this link for our special discount and join us in Chicago for what is sure to be an amazing event!

Marisa Penepent
Marisa Penepent

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