Did You Know? Add Company Call Recording Hours

Vocalocity Company Call Recording allows you to record inbound calls to your company, outbound calls from your company, and even your internal company calls. You can even specify that only calls involving certain phone numbers, extensions or call directions are recorded.

This add-on is easy to use and is just one of the many customizable features offered by Vocalocity. Did you know that with Vocalocity Company Call Recording you can add space by yourself if your available time is full?

Increasing Your Call Recording Hours:

  1. Log in to your Vocalocity account at my.vonagebusiness.com (You will need your Vocalocity username and password).
  2. After clicking the “Phone Systems” icon at the top of the page, click “Recordings” on the left hand navigation bar.
  3. After the menu expands click “Company.” At the top of the page you will find the amount of recording time you have used. When placing your cursor over the “Time Used” bar you will see your specific amount of time used which will help you decide if you need more space.
  4. If your time used is full and you need more, simply click “Add Recording Time.”
  5. In the new window click “Adding 250 additional hours” and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • NOTE: An additional 250 hours is only $19.99
  6. If you would like to “Enable automatic storage increase” be sure to click the checkbox at the bottom of the new window for the amount of time to automatically increase when your time used is full.

Adding more time or enabling the automatic increase feature allows you to fully utilize all that Vocalocity’s Company Call Recording has to offer while never slowing your company’s growth. Now you can manage all your recordings with convenience and ease – without even needing to call for outside assistance.

We hope it improves your productivity! How does your company use Company Call Recording to train and monitor?

Written by Vonage Staff

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