Did You Know? Easily Search for Call Recordings

Don’t you hate looking through all of your On Demand Call Recordings just to find that specific one you’re looking for?

If you’re a busy organization then you know that the amount of recordings you have grow right in line with the amount of business you receive . Did you know that you can search for an exact recording based off specific search criteria right within the Admin Portal?

Search results can be broken down into date range, caller ID, location, call direction, length of the call and even by the notes that were recorded during the call. When using such a feature-rich add-on, it is crucial to know all the benefits and shortcuts to optimize your work day.

How to Search for Call Recordings:

  1. After logging into your Vocalocity account at my.vonagebusiness.com, click the “Phone Systems” icon at the top of the page. On the left hand navigation bar click “Recordings.” After the drop down menu has opened, click “On Demand” and a list of your recordings will populate.
  2. At this window you are able to simply move between your pages of recordings by clicking the blue page arrows located under your list.
  3. For a more detailed search click “Search Recordings” in the top right hand corner to open the search window.
  4. In the new search window type in your specific criteria, click “Run,” and a smaller list or exactly what you were looking for will appear. To start your search over or search for a different recording, simply click “Clear Fields” and insert the new criteria.

And you’re done!

Using the search tool to find your important recordings cuts your work in half and makes managing your recording system hassle free. For more information concerning On Demand Call Recording please visit the Vocalocity support page by clicking the link below.

On-Demand Call Recording

Written by Vonage Staff

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